Falling into place

In life there are so many things that go wrong, so many things that take you off of the plan that you had for yourself, making you feel as though you have failed somehow, or that your life will never turn out the way it was supposed to. Some of us drown in it, get consumed by the ‘failure’ and the thought of our lives never working out. But most of us never see that those ‘failures’, closed doors, mistakes, and things never working out are actually things coming together! Just as when one breaks up with a significant other, it leads us that much closer to the one made for us! That closed door to that job leads to an even better adventure! Just because things don’t go according to plan doesn’t mean its a failure or a loss! There are so many things that come from mistakes and things that go wrong, but we all have to remember that the misplaced foot can lead you down the best road you have ever traveled!







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