Social Experiment

Hello all!

Interesting happenings in the social media world today! I executed a social experiment, and the results are pretty interesting. Let me begin with telling you all about why I did this. The experiment began out of curiosity when someone posted that they had posted a fake selfie and got 75 private messages, and proceeded to say how disgusting people were. So I found a picture on the internet and posted it as myself (I apologize to the lovely lady, who’s photo I used for this experiment) to see how many people would attempt to contact me, purely on my looks. In a 1 minute period I received over 40 private messages, (totaling at 47) 9 likes, and 4 replies to the photo. The lady in question was young, beautiful, and not as modest as I usually pride myself on.  The messages in question were pretty appalling, and crude in more ways than I would like to mention. Some people even being as bold as to send pictures that I refuse to open!

Then I thought to myself, ‘It must of been the way that this other girl looked that caused all the ruckus!’ What if I were to post another woman, who is a bit older, beautiful, and more normally built. (Again I apologize to the woman in which I used your picture, this was purely experimental) So I did! Her response was actually somewhat similar but on a lower scale, I had a total of 12 private messages, 13 likes, and 5 public replies! Now the likes and public replies were more so on this one than the other, which suggests to me that they genuinely wanted to tell her that she is beautiful rather than see what would result from a private message. She had one public reply on her size in an extremely rude way. But the person who posted it deleted it moments later. Her private messages did contain some disturbing messages, and crude content. But she also received some uplifting comments, and compliments.

Now overall this wasn’t pre planned out at all, it all just happened based on curiosity. But all in all I am shocked! There are so many factors here that could easily be discussed. Skinny vs. Normal, Modesty vs. Immodesty, even Online vs. In person. Overall my advice to you all, show what you would want the world to see, because it’s watching, be kind to one another, do not treat people as objects, and say such horrendous things. They clearly didn’t ask for it. Just be human to each other.







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