Being a big sister has it’s ups and downs, you love them so much, you would lay down your life for them if it was asked of you. You also get to teach them in a way no one else ever will. You get to tell them about all of the things you have gone through, how to avoid things, how to handle things. But the biggest lesson I have found they want from me is about change, about choices. Nothing stays the same. People, our surroundings, everything is always changing. The plants grow, the clouds move, children grow old. Everyone of our choices affects this. Move the sun and the tree grows sideways, pollute the air and the clouds turn grey. Some choices even affect if someone grows old too. The point of life isn’t about living happy, or going crazy, or chasing the dream. It’s about accepting change, and choosing to be happy in the midst of it. Everything changes, if it doesn’t, it’s dead.





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