Have you ever had those moments where you’re sitting by yourself, off in your own world, dreaming and 01-performance-620x412thinking of all the amazing lives you could of had? There are times I am pulled into the exciting world of the circus, hanging high above the crows by only thin flexible fabric, twisting and contorting myself into beautiful forms, testing my limits as I hear the ‘oooos’ and ‘aaaas’ of the crowd immersed in it below. Some days I find myself peering through the seek of a rifle, aiming it towards the first buck of the season. Or on the set of a movie, digging deep inside myself to some of my most emotional times in my life to bring forth a performance that shakes the viewers to their core. Making them want to cry along with me, feel the pain that I’m in. Even being the beautiful singing voice that young girls dance to and mimic in the hair brushes in the morning as they get ready for school. Or spinning wildly on an empty stage with a single spotlight on you, so silent you could hear a pin drop as they all watch you tell a story with your body. Some days even as simple as someone on the run, working in a diner under an assumed name with a dark past. I have spent many days fantasizing about all of these things. How did I end up where I am now? How come none of these came to be? Is there still time for any of them? Some times it’s just nice to have that place to escape to, where your story is worth reading. You travel all over the globe, give fantastic interviews, smile for thousands of cameras, have so many people interested in who you are, and they haven’t even met you. Or just knowing that even though no one else knows, your story is worth telling. My story may have a fantastic beginning so far, and has gotten a little lost in the chapters along the way. But even if it’s only one, one of my fantasies will come true, and you can hold me to that one.







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